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Education to change lives
Education is key, together and united we can move the country forward.

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kurt bendfeldt

educando mi país

letter from our chairman

In 2007 I start the adventure for Education, onece you go into the needs and know the reality in which thousands of people live by lack of Education started the beginning to fight it, today the thought is to eradicate this need and give Education to all people, no matter the efforts that have to be done.

With the most robust platform that has been designed and developed there is no place or person that cannot access and be educated for free, I am a believer that we can have a better country, more competitive from the individual, municipal, departmental and as a country, likewise it is important that the private initiative is in favor of support and not only in the search for spaces for congratulations, the needs are very large and extensive, but we can change the future of Education, with effort, perseverance, transparency and with the shared mission and vision that the reality of a person can change.

Guatemala is a great nation and it is because of its people, its communities, without saying the beauties of places, an impressive gastronomy, its languages, we have everything, and even if we think that many times in a negative way, Education is and will be "the beginning of everything".

I invite you to be able to inherit Education and to join in supporting us with all your strength by being brave.

Kurt Bendfeldt

educando mi país

FREE Education for everyone

The Association

Educando Mi País is the first FREE Extracurricular Distance Education Center nationwide


Educando Mi País brings together the best in a team to deliver a first class final product.


Thanks to our ALLIES, Educando Mi País is the first Extracurricular Distance Education Center for FREE at a national level.

The Platform

Conceived and designed to bring Elementary School, Junior High School, High School Education, Languages, Reading and Writing from scratch

social-humanitarian action

Our inspiration comes from all the people who do not need to think twice when it comes to help.

internal policies

Establish a behavioral framework that ensures consistency between the goals, practices and actions of the association


Professional team to work on commercial options, content, courses and more to be published within the Program

one or more

E-commerce for users to empower them economically


mission that excites

To guarantee access to Elementary School, Junior High School and High School (High School Career in Science and Literature with orientation in Productivity and Entrepreneurship, free, with quality, with equity and cultural relevance, for adolescents, youth and adults. Through a platform, to strengthen the process of Education, we work together to ensure the right to Education throughout Guatemala, Central America, South America and the Caribbean through innovative, creative and digital platforms.


Our goal is for each adolescent, young person and adult to rejoin and complete their educational process, in such a way that they become the protagonists of their own development, that of their family and their community.


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Our priority are adolescents, youth and adults, particularly those most vulnerable and excluded groups, who for different circumstances have not completed their education, or who have dropped out of it, especially women.< The work of Educando mi País, has as a priority commitment the completion of school and the integral development of people, so it promotes the process of teaching-learning, in the communities with the accompaniment of tutors and professional links in the 22 departments of Guatemala.



and approach to education

The approach and values that we think should prevail in the field of Education.



Respect, protect and fulfil the right to education



There must be an equal balance between equity and quality



Supporting all people to stay and be educated



A significant change in the teaching-learning process



Essential to form and mold individuals who know how to respect others



Cooperation, working together, joining forces to achieve common goals