Educando mi País, is the first platform endorsed and certified to give primary, middle school and high school reaching the neediest. Donate now! Help us bring technology to the whole country.
Donate now! Donate and support this cause to eradicate illiteracy in Guatemala
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Educando mi país

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Through three financing strategies Donate for More Education and help to get out of Illiteracy, allowing the sustainability of the digital platform. Dona Tecnología, these donations allow the purchase of devices, which are then delivered to users, for free use of the platform, where they can complete their academic process.
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Goal: Q12,500,000.00
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Educando mi país

Educando mi país

Donations will always be directed towards the implementation of technology, as well as sponsoring people. With your DONATION, we educate more people for free.

With your DONATION, we educate more people for free

Educando mi país

Your donation educates.

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With your donation, no matter how much, we can educate more people, our reach is nationwide

Your donation matters

We have the capacity to educate 10 million people and be monitored in real time.

people in accelerated primary education
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tablets and cell phones to be donated in 2021
Educando mi país

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Education is the most powerful thing you can have to change your destiny, your family, your country. If you get an education, the world will be yours.

Your donation changes the future, help us chart a different future